Our Passion for Design

The Passion to Do or Make Something

Our passion is focused on an activity. We believe it is possible to make something out of nothing. We do, see, touch, compose, arrange, construct, manipulate. This passion is very hands-on and mechanical. Its drive is orderly, methodical, systematic, and directional.

The Passion for Beauty and Appeal

Our passion is focused on beauty and appeal. We believe it is possible to do whatever it takes to create or develop something of beauty. We select, feel, sense, compose, arrange, construct, manipulate. This passion is very emotional and feeling. Its drive follows the senses, the intuitive, the inspiration with an eye always on the ultimate outcome — beauty and appeal.

The Passion for Coherence

Our passion is focused on resolving tensions, typically between the need for beauty concurrently with the need for functionality. We believe it is possible to resolve these tensions. We think, analyze, reflect, organize, present, resolve, solve. This passion is very intellectual. Its drive is meaning, content, sense-making, conflict resolution and balance.

Our passion for these is, nonetheless which motivates our creativity and sustains our attention long enough to get something done for our clients to fulfill their desires.

Shades & Shapes

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We should go for curves and circles, which represent harmony and completion. These can help to create a sense of positivity and calm in this part of the space, helping to make certain spaces more comfortable for one and all.

Angular shapes like triangles and squares, meanwhile, can suggest balance, stability, professionalism and efficiency.

Another interesting shape to consider bringing in is the polygon, which represents structure and strength. It would be so easy to incorporate this in an interior, since the shape can be used numerous times to create a honeycomb look - perfect whether you want to go for a natural look perhaps want something more futuristic with a science fiction aesthetic.

Shapes gives dimension to a space, each type of shapes has their own meaning when infused to the whole feel of the interior for example, curves have been associated with sensuality, also curves can help draw the eye around the room and make spaces with lots of angles feel more fluid.

Attention to Details

The Luxury Palace View Penthouse
Interior Design & Fit-out

When it comes to designing or decorating, it is important to pay attention to small details. The other elements such as color, furnishings, and style are important, but the little ones make the difference between a lively and exciting space and a boring and dull one.

The smaller details of the design can give the space personality and style. A structured plan makes it easier to make sure that all parts of the space, right down to the smaller details are taken care of. From the materials you will need to the procedures you will be doing; you will find out that every aspect of the design is vital to the success of the project.

In Interior Design you will notice that there are various aspects or elements that need to be considered to successfully achieve the desired appearance - the color palette for instance, is a huge deal, the colors and design from your wallpapers to your furniture and accent pieces can make or break your interior.

The smaller features may not have an impact that everyone is expecting, but those smaller features have the ability to cohere the other elements to create a wonderful interior. Even the smaller decorative details can make great transformations with regards to the space appearance. These must likewise be closely attended to, so that you will be able to have the best output.

Setting the Tone & Scheme

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Color scheme is choice of colors applied to a space and it plays an important role in any interior space.

Creating a color scheme can be boiled down to color theory.

There are many ways to look at color through the lens of various theories, but color theory is simply concerned about how color and different combinations of color can impact the mood, feel, and symbolism in a particular space.

By combining cohesion and color theory, we create bespoke color palette for an interior space.

We manage to effectively use the color wheel expertly to combine colors in the right context and create the perfect color palette for each room and space with in a home.

Main color: This color will be the foundation of a color scheme. Considering the hue, we select that will be the primary wall color, this color will feed the feel of the whole space and inform the overall mood and style.

Accent color: This color will work as the second in command to the main color. It will help to balance out the palette and allow for visual interest in a room.

Bold color: The ''pop of color'' this is the color that is a must to incorporate. This color will lead the eye around a room and can be used to create a focal point in a space.

In Pursuit of Perfection

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“Quality is never an accident; it is always a result of intelligent effort”.

Nothing compares to a place you fall in love at the very first sight. Everything has to balance the space from the perfect art and shapes that suit the space to the perfect shade of paint, wall coverings and amenities. The design including the artwork for each project is bespoke to that project.

Our pursuit for perfection is reflected in every project tailored by us, as of achieving perfection is what derives our passion for design. It is always our promise to offer and deliver the most exceptional luxury experience that there can be.

The Lighting Effect

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Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space, bringing an interior design project to life. Great lighting creates depth and height, cozy spots draw attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light, shade and bringing new energy to an interior. Daylight is a crucial factor, it’s as important as artificial light.

Architectural lights still play a role where there’s daylight. We use it to brighten dark spots in shelving, add brilliance to a task area or to highlight artworks. LED linear strips will bring a warmth to joinery and key features in a space and may be needed with the natural light to add focus and softness.

Artificial light creates visual stimulation – we’re always drawn to the brightest point in a room, so we use artificial light to accentuate specific features in the space. We will also bring focus to the room’s edges to broaden the perspective. Diffuse light is used for general warmth. A well-designed varied artificial lighting scheme will add brightness, moments of drama, layers and depth.

Decorative lighting – such as a dramatic pendant, interesting wall light or feature lamp – does more than add attractive objects to a room. Our eye may be drawn to a large and pleasing pendant over a table, but the work of a couple of down lights either side will really add to the quality of the light.

Final Touches

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Whether it’s an art or accessories, the finishing touch in an interior is key for tying a room's design together and making the space live-in ready. Favorite Finishing Touches:

"The last pieces that we tend to add to a room are the fun accessories! We thrive to achieve a well-designed, finished room styled and accessorized in accordance to our style.

Adding layers to the space through accessories such as books, art, writings, etc., make the space feel more livable, thus giving the room that 'finished' feel.

All things in a room make up the whole of the design and add strength to the overall feeling. Every room needs to be pulled together with objects of meaning as well as pieces that bring the color story to life.