About Us

As the most renowned architectural and interior design firm, our pursuit of perfection in every aspect of our business has earned us a place amongst the top architectural and interior design firms. Indeed, we aim to be the only choice for high end clientele.

At GFLp we are pioneers of bespoke design from luxurious homes to luxurious commercial environments. Our projects can be found in the level of super prime houses. Certainly, these are the basis for our successful careers.

We take a detail focused approach. By making the client extension of the design team and by walking together with the client on every step of the way, we are able to create life enhancing exclusive designs by incorporating both the contemporary and historic views to give a building its soul, bring shared environments to life and personalize individual living spaces.

Our broader experience on both the design, and build aspect of a project allow us to successfully manage projects from start to completion. In fact, this is what enticed us to emerge as property development managers, we aim to be world famous for designing and building luxury exclusive addresses.

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Meet the Founder

Emerging from a background of civil engineering and Architecture, Rediate Girma undertake her career, first- in the engineering and construction sector then specializing on Architecture and Interior design. Combining the two, Rediate now leads GFLp as a founder and managing director—a design and build group specializing in bespoke design and build of luxurious homes and luxurious commercial environments. Embodying a very unique sense of style and elegance, and with an eye for quality and luxury, beauty enthusiast Rediate aims to re-define the standard of luxury.

"In my belief luxury is refinement in every way of being, for me luxury is abundance at heart. Even tough human civilization has come so far to the point of surpassing the normal way of living to a focus on luxury, I believe the sector of real luxury is yet untouched! In fact, while there often tends to be more focus on the physical in luxury, the concept of luxury truly only emerges as a consciousness and feeling both on the service provider´s and the user´s body, mind and heart, making luxury a heartfelt experience."

"As all the projects curated under the supervision of GFLp embodies their own unique touch and feel, and as there is no project under our name that is done without distinctiveness, I can say that this in itself is a signature style of what we stand for. We are committed to delivering a new standard of beauty, quality and luxury in all our works and in everything we touch".

Rediate Girma
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