The Winery Resort

This winery resort is located on one of the biggest Awash Wine S.C vineyards, Ethiopia’s longest established wine maker. There is no doubt this resort seated in the middle of the vineyard will be a memorable destination for wine lover guests seeking a unique experience, it will offer an exceptional experience for guests to immerse themselves in nature and in the beauty of the wine yard. The resort incorporates guestrooms, amenities like restaurant, courtyard space, wine tasting room and an up-stair bar and terrace to elevate the stay of guests in the vineyard. The resort exterior design exudes a traditional touch architecture that blends well with the vineyard. The extension of irrigation water of the farm to the surrounding outdoor areas of the building, elevates the design of the resort. The guestrooms being decorated with a wine red acescent walls, the entrance and the bar areas decorated with wine barrels, the interior design of the resort is curated to reflect the wine yard’s beauty in the most authentic ways.

  • Client:
    Awash Wine