The Split House villa

This Boutique split height villa is an artistry with its dramatic volumetric design giving its users a very sensual experience. The merged volumetric structures coming at a different height elevation are intelligently curated to give the house an abstract art form of perfect unity in duality also creating a play of volumes and spaces in the interior space. With pure lines, mixed structure (wood and concrete), and with its contemporary design, this house will stand out as one of the best creations. The interior consistently follows the lines dictated by the exterior image: the spaces being defined by planes and volumes, with two floors at a different height elevation coming together and joined with a golden metal suspended stair in the center, this house exemplifies the very sense of uniqueness and luxury. Laying at only 175-meter square space, the design is well integrated to allow the space to accommodate a spacious living area in contrary to the limited space, the house accommodates 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a comfortable living, family and sitting areas, an office, a garden and an outdoor BBQ space, and an underground parking space.