The Lake Side Resort

With an entrance that is theatrical, magical and monumental, this Bishoftu lakeside 5-star resort hotel is an architecture with an art form.” Our future is our history, we shape the future on the basis of the past”. This magnificent resort hotel design embodies the perfect complement of the historic and the modern features of an architecture with a luxurious soulful touch. The design is curated with the highest level of sophistication to give the hotel its unique feature and to make the hotel stand out as one of artistic gems, it is developed to bestow guests with an unforgettable feeling and experience of beauty with its abstractly endowed artistic feel of unity, continuity and infinity. The hotel incorporates a total of 56 hotel guestrooms, 20 hotel suit rooms with some accompanying suspended hot tub on their outdoor balconies. The hotel is groomed with its luxurious amenities that include an extended white arch walled indoor outdoor lobby café and bar with a stretched infinity pond in between, main restaurant with stone arch wall taking up two floors, library bar for guests to be immersed in the immense collection of inspirational books, soothing spa, an infinity pool overlooking the lake, a poolside brassier restaurant and bar.

  • Place:
  • Date:
    June, 2023