Architectural Projects

The Concrete Office Roof Top

This office rooftop design is curated for GIZ (German Development Corporation) Head Office in Addis Ababa and it is tailored taking in to consideration the critical importance of office outdoor spaces and the overrated use of office rooftops as an alternative work setting with a space that is airy, remote from noise and with access to the best city views. The Rooftop design is well integrated to ensure an exceptional experience for the employees, design offers spaces for employees not only to get fresh air, natural light or enjoy the terrace, but it also bestows a well-organized setup of comfortable working areas, meeting areas, gathering area, lounging areas, and cafeteria with a separated kitchenette in a very stylish way. While the perfectly placed concrete walls with a rectangular hole creates the basis of the design and plays a great role on success of the design aesthetically, it is intentionally crafted to functionally cool the space and give the space a sense office professionalism in an enhanced manner.

  • Client:
    German Development Corporation
  • Place:
    Addis Ababa